środa, 20 czerwca 2012


Reinterpretations and homages to the Polish Radio Experimental Studio Warsaw and the Studio des WDR für Elektronische Musik Köln.

27/06 - 28/06: Institut für Musik und Medien Düsseldorf
Resindency at the Experimentallabor of the IMM

28/06: Salon des Amateurs, Düsseldorf
29/06: Museum Ostwall, Dortmund
30/06: DQE Halle, Köln Ehrenfeld

19.00 Michal Libera: lecture on the Polish Radio Experimental Studio

20:00 Krzysztof Topolski aka Arszyn (drums, selfmade instruments), Piotr Kurek (sampler, selfmade instruments), Joris Rühl (clarinet), Maciej Śledziecki (guitar), Marion Wörle aka Frau W (laptop, electronic extensions)
Etude for Single Cymbal Strike and Aela by Włodzimierz Kotoński, Music for Tape by Andrzej Dobrowolski, Nocture by Eugeniusz Rudnik, Assemblage by Bogusław Schaeffer, Klangstudie and Glockenspiel by Herbert Eimert, Fabula Rasa by Johannes Fritsch, Compositie no. 7 by Karel Goeyvarts, Continuum by Györgi Ligeti and Shozyg by Hugh Davies

Düsseldorf: DJ Tomek Woźniakowski - Richtig Polen will play rarities on vinyl

Köln: Matthias Nowakowski - lecture on the Electronic Studio WDR
Köln: Jaki Liebezeit & Marcus Schmickler - concert

After over a half-century since openings of the Experimental Studios such as the one in Cologne and Warsaw, most of its innovations seems upside down. Studio is a laptop. Electronic music is everybody's engagement. Instrumentalists follow the sounds of the synthesizers. So let's give it a try: instead of the complex equipment of the Studio, can't the pieces be performed on acoustic instruments, home made electronics or amplified objects? Is that a joke of the history? Or its natural progression?

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