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Tres Blackout #32

Tres, Blackout #32

Blacking out of MACBA


30/01/2021 ---- POSTPONED

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One of the ways of introducing Blackout, by Tres himself, pre-proof, found in a mailbox, dated February 15th, 2016, received at 13.03

"[...] An exploration in sound by way of the gradual switching-off of the technologic systems essential to the operation of a given venue. A process through which successive acoustical layers of machine-produced hum and buzz are gradually emptied from an architectural space conceived as a sound sculpture. The aim is to revert the existing environmental noise to a silence as free as possible from any residual sound or light. Blackout dissects the ambient sounds pervasive throughout our lives - the random mass of blows and hums that fill the rooms at work and at home. This dynamic undressing allows the audience perception and understanding of the richness and invasiveness of sound of the separate components, often unnoticed, that coexist in a place: technologies of indoor comfort such as heating, ventilating cooling, lighting, elevators, sound systems, multimedia, beamers, servers etc, every single machine ceases to function [...]"

wtorek, 8 grudnia 2020



Słuchowisko na podstawie Roberta Walsera i Franza Kafki

Towarzyszy premierze kryminału kartograficznego Grzegorza Laszuka "Morderstwo (w) Utopii"

Komuna Warszawa / Radio Kapitał