wtorek, 19 listopada 2019

Incantation Calling Food Down

Incantation Calling Food Down
Radio Juju

Boomgaartstraat 69, Rotterdam


Music setting for "Investigations of a Dog" by Franz Kafka.

piątek, 8 listopada 2019

History After the End of History

History After the End of History
Biennale dell'immagine
Spazio Lampo

Three pieces, ca. 30'

_kelo – recordings, composition
Michał Libera – recordings, text, composition
Barbara Kinga Majewska – voice, piano, composition

End of the history, claimed by Francis Fukuyama with the collapse of the Soviet Union, is  “the point in which historical process ends, reaches its own complete realization, when it offers to human beings the conditions of possibility for a mutual recognition of their freedom from the bond to biological life”. But, as it falls into the same immobility of nature, with the end of history comes also the end of human being.

Nowadays Fukuyama’s  statement sounds more like a cruel joke from and about the 90s. But perhaps there are places on earth in which the stillness of humans has actually happened? Is this what happened in Bellinzona at the end of the 90s? Having this speculation in the back of their minds, during a week in mid July 2019, three friends set out to see what are the sounds of history after it had ended. This is not only ironic. The piece is an attempt to document and articulate a life on its own, a complex history in its making, full of tensions and releases, daring contradictions and peaceful cohabitations which inevitably come after the history ends.