czwartek, 20 czerwca 2024




curated by Michał Libera and Konrad Smoleński

scores by Anton Lukoszevieze

Tour 1

or rather Anti-Tour with scores mounted on the flanks of the van, to be interpreted in the following towns, by the following artists:

13/07: DOM, Riga (Latvia) - Liene Rumpe and other artists of DOM 

15/07: Suomenlinna (Finland) - Annika Fuhrmann

16/07: Kemiö (Finland) - Rasmus Östling, Isto Rahkila, Antti Tolvi

18/07: Mooste (Estonia) - John and Evelyn Grzinich

20/07: Strenči Sonification Station (Latvia) - Orbita Group 

21/07: Vilnius (Lithuania) - Kristupas Gikas aka DJ Extended

more details to come

VANISH is a mobile art gallery housed on the flanks of a MB W903 vehicle. The van serves as a canvas for paintings, drawings, screenings, but primarily as a platform for meetings and discussions with artists, collectors, curators, and the general public.

In the third season, main themes and inspirations will come from music and sound art circuits. From music, VANISH will borrow communication tools. First, the score. It will be pasted on the side panels of the gallery, where visual art works were in previous seasons. Second, VANISH will go on tours - one of the most emblematic ways of spreading music. However, the gallery will not serve as a means of transportation for travelling musicians. Equipped with the score, it will move from one location to another in quest for artists willing to interpret it in the gallery. Performances will be meticulously documented - audio and video - and published as a bootleg album of the tour, the third hint to the music world.

VANISH will also learn from sound art, especially from its attention to the physicality of the detail. In the first place - detail of the room. There is a long tradition of sound art investigations into acoustics of galleries. Sizes, shapes, surfaces, angles, materials - physical aspects of the room are not merely contexts of sound pieces, they are integral parts of their sonic content. In the third season we want to hear how all these acoustical features work in a gallery room that has four wheels, engine and a camshaft. We also want to find ways to document this sonic life of the gallery in a manner that would do just to its materiality. 

Bringing it all together makes the concept for this season of VANISH clear. It cannot be anything but circumnavigation. Going in circles. Loops. The gallery circles around Europe. The sound bounces around the gallery’s pipes, electric circuits and body. The score keeps on being interpreted again and again. We carry on following the details of these envelopes. In physics, circulation seems to encompass random vectors that emerge when the main current is being examined. We try to do the same.

poniedziałek, 1 kwietnia 2024



SIXTEר (edit)

Performance for quiet reading

e-flux NYC

Launch of e-flux journal #144 

incl. Throat on Brain. Magic and the Art of Memory in Robert Ashley's Operas

​Event with Arto Lindsay, Ben Vida and Amy Gernux, Kimberly Alidio, David Grubbs, and Daniel Muzyczuk


172 Classon Ave

Brooklyn, NYC

What is SIXTEר? Could be a six-pack caught at a gas station, of course. Could be a sexophobic hipster either. Or a musical sixth ending with a tail falling to the right. It can be various things, in fact anything, whatever you want to hide behind it. Because it is all about hiding. The word itself comes from the dictionary of Sergei Pankejeff, one of Sigmund Frued's most important patients. He created words in order to mislead the Viennese neurologist. This silent reading performance is about those words. And also about Pankejeff's mouth, about the history of printing and shorthand, about masturbation, deafness and Akkadian stone inscriptions, about wheezing, wolf-men in general and the tail dragger in particular. However, all these threads are only barely able to conceal a meditation on #metoo and reactions to the growing content of performativity in the air around us, to fake news, to overpopulation, to healing therapies, completed and unfinished, successful and unsuccessful. To the pandemic too? To the pandemic too.