poniedziałek, 1 kwietnia 2024



SIXTEר (edit)

Performance for quiet reading

e-flux NYC

Launch of e-flux journal #144 

incl. Throat on Brain. Magic and the Art of Memory in Robert Ashley's Operas

​Event with Arto Lindsay, Ben Vida and Amy Gernux, Kimberly Alidio, David Grubbs, and Daniel Muzyczuk


172 Classon Ave

Brooklyn, NYC

What is SIXTEר? Could be a six-pack caught at a gas station, of course. Could be a sexophobic hipster either. Or a musical sixth ending with a tail falling to the right. It can be various things, in fact anything, whatever you want to hide behind it. Because it is all about hiding. The word itself comes from the dictionary of Sergei Pankejeff, one of Sigmund Frued's most important patients. He created words in order to mislead the Viennese neurologist. This silent reading performance is about those words. And also about Pankejeff's mouth, about the history of printing and shorthand, about masturbation, deafness and Akkadian stone inscriptions, about wheezing, wolf-men in general and the tail dragger in particular. However, all these threads are only barely able to conceal a meditation on #metoo and reactions to the growing content of performativity in the air around us, to fake news, to overpopulation, to healing therapies, completed and unfinished, successful and unsuccessful. To the pandemic too? To the pandemic too.