piątek, 22 lipca 2016

The Fall of Recording - Vol. I

Vol. I


Sanatorium Dźwięku

Gaudenz Badrutt
Alicja Bielawska
Bożenna Biskupska
Alessandro Bosetti 
Johnny Chang
Bryan Eubanks 
Emilio Gordoa
Jonas Kocher
Daniel Koniusz
Gerard Lebik
Michał Libera 
Xavier Lopez
Mike Majkowski
Daniel Muzyczuk 
Keith Rowe
Valerio Tricoli

I don't want to die. I want to live”. Several notes placed neatly on musical staff, quite catchy lyrics, you may say, and short introduction from a composer, forms altogether almost a song. But the song written down on 26th of Febraury 1903 by a Czech composer Leoš Janáček in his notebook bears a different authorship than his own; he himself was nothing more but a recording device for an unintentional song of his dying daughter, Olga. These were her last words, and a last melody, uttered in bed just before she passed away; almost a swan song addressed to her father sitting by the bed but also to a man obsessed by the everyday passing of melodies of the world we live in. Words, noises, screams, animals and doors, hundreds of different birds and dogs and finally also his dying daughter found their ways to form short songs in his notebooks via the language of music notation. So do we know the final expression of his daughter? It's all there, on the staff. Perhaps a song, and if so, definitely of swan kind, a document or a memoir but also an emblem of the entire myth of recording media – a song made of dying and about dying or in other words: a recorded song about recording...

... to be continued in Sokołowsko