wtorek, 14 czerwca 2016

Scuro d'Estate


Entrato Libera


First performance in the cinema since 1986

Pior Adamski
Krzysztof Bielecki
Michał Grochowiak
Michał Libera
Piotr Kurek
Daniel Malone
Mateusz Marczewski
Łukasz Sosiński
Stella Costa
The Infamous Six of Pizzo


Libretto excerpt:

First, I need a place.
A place that can gaze at me,
with a gaze that owns the entire space,
surrounds me fully,
arrests me, if you like, this gaze,
touching me everywhere, the tiniest bits of my skin,
undressing me.

I need a place able to make my body smell,
that can make it softer,
make me feel like there's a bit of pulp,
in between my skin and my muscles.
It's never only pleasent nintense, believe me.

Of what my experience tells me,
there's always a snake, or a viper.
No room is ever empty.
Be it a sneaky reptile,
some incidental dweller of distorted mind,
some displaced foreigner with unpredictable dispositions,
it might just as well be a newt,
but in any case – always with a cutting glare,
exactly there where you can't see him,
watching you,
but fully present,
watching, gazing, peeping at you
up to the point where the air gets thicker
and you start imagining your privacy,
you almost start thinking you're alone,
this is when it jumps on you,
it stings you,
and its sting is sharp,
sharp enough to make you loose your balance,
to make you shake imperceptibly,
like when you're on a cliff,
and it takes less than the slightest movement
to make you fall.

I need this kind of place
A place brave enough to settle on my body
press down on it a bit,
to lean on my arms
to push them,

it always goes further,
or down, rather
pushing these firm hands of mine
down to my hips
and further
into the wet.

From here, I can begin.

poniedziałek, 6 czerwca 2016

The Great Learning (II, IV, VII) | Atlas Festival

Cornelius Cardew, The Great Learning
Paragraphs II, IV, VII

Atlas Festival
at Ogród Powszechny

with Michał Mendyk, Fundacja Strefa Wolnosłowa and around 100 participants from Warsaw, Bologna, Antwerp, Paris and God Knows Where