czwartek, 20 czerwca 2019

Musica Sanae II

Musica Sanae
16-18 August

part of Sanatorium of Sound festival

curated with Phonurgia (Naples), In Situ (Sokolowsko), N.K. Projekt (Berlin)

Peter Abliger; Felicia Atkinson; Tiziana Bertoncini; Biuro Dźwięku Katowice; Erik Bünger; Luciano Chessa; Rudolf; Les énérves; Hacklander / Hatam; Carl Michael von Hausswolff; Gerard Lebik; Barbara Kinga Majewska & Tony di Napoli; Maria della Morte; Anthony Pateras (with Tiziana Bertoncini, Lucio Capece, Riccardo La Foresta, Gerard Lebik, Mike Majkowski & Chiara Mallozzi); Phonoscopie; Seppo Renvall & Aspec(t); Testcard

Musica Sanae is a research-based art project dedicated to intersections of sound and medicine. In three consecutive events in Naples, Sokolowsko and Berlin over forty musicians, performers, researchers and theoriests will present their takes on how new ways of hearing produce and underlie our notions of hygiene, health, well-being, progress and sanity. All acts will be hosted by unique venues of which most are of historical importance for medical architecture.

previous editions at La Digestion in Naples, following edition in Berlin at N.K. Projekt (15-16 November)

Publication to follow in collaboration with Glissando and Positionen

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