piątek, 5 maja 2023

KL Plaszow Sound Monument

commissioned by KL Plaszow Museum 

to be installed at the territory of the former German Nazi Concentration Camp in Krakow
in 2025

with Mark Bain, Marcin Dymiter, Björn Schmelzer & Graindelavoix, Shelley Hirsch, Eva-Maria Houben, Michał Kupicz, Iván Larrea, Barbara Kinga Majewska, Mirt & Ter, Tony Di Napoli, Marcelina Obarska, Lee Patterson, Jaśmina Polak & Jerzy Rogiewicz, Pękala-Kordylasińska-Pękala, Wojciech Pustoła, Roma Sendyka, John Tilbury and more.  

The Sound Monument of KL Plaszow is designed as a multilayered, collective audio composition created on the basis of a concept authored by Roma Sendyka and a scenario authored by Michał Libera. The inspiration for the Sound Monument composition is given by the soil of the camp: the soil understood as a depository of the memory of camp Plaszow and its history, and as a source of audio material.

The Sound Monument will only be available to visitors through headphones connected to mobile devices collected from the Museum. The Sound Monument will not be heard in the post-camp area without those devices, and the only sign of its presence will be people with headphones, walking in the camp area, guided by the composition structure, at a pace and in a direction of their choice.

More information soon 

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