niedziela, 16 lipca 2017

Two from Giuseppe

News from Giuseppe

1. Grupa Budapeszt in Seoul. A piece called "Moro" will find its way there for the exhibition called "Silence" curated by Giuseppe Ruffo. Nothing more can be said about this piece except maybe that the word "moro" comes from polish abbreviation of „materiał odzieżowy roboczo-ochronny” (en. clothing textile for work and protection). It stands for textile covered with camouflage colored pattern and is used by infantry, navy, militiamen, firebrigades, skauts and many others.

2. The other contribution goes credited as "I Timpani You" and is a personal sonic postcard prepared for "Tweet Your Postcard" project by the very same Giuseppe Ruffo. A bit like the dead man Gherasim Luca sitting in the window of my kitchen with his legs hanging down and writing a poem for the dead man Luciano Cilio standing straight some twenty meters below him and imagining his never written opera.  

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