poniedziałek, 27 kwietnia 2015

Tony Di Napoli | Majątek

fot. Igor Omulecki

Tony Di Napoli - stones / litophones
08/05/2015, 22.00, Królikarnia, Warszawa

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Concert accompanying "Majątek" exhibition

Tony Di Napoli plays stones. The ordinary ones, found in random spaces, of unidentified origin and unspecified sound as well as precisely chosen ones which are selected, sculpted, tuned and finally turned into litophones. One of the oldest instruments in his case is made of limestone which is over 300 million years old. Small blocks of stone differ in size and shape what results in rigoriously various tones making his instrument a fully microtonal one. They don't sound like the stones we know. They sound like electronic compositions we might have heard. In his hands, they also come in close relation with the acoustics of space they sound in. And Królikarnia has got a lot to offer in this realm. 

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