czwartek, 2 stycznia 2014

ACEDIA for 2014

Kicking off with a very much awaited project on acedia and listening. Eventually a sound essay and hopefully a performance digesting last months spent mostly with Javier Marías, Giorgio Agamben, Hieronymus Wierix and other beautiful figures of mostly medieval painting - all suffering from their ears. 

Foreshadowed by an essay published after a series of lectures in Łaźnia curated by Krzysztof Topolski (to be published soon)

In 2014 starting with a residency in Baltic Art Centre and a collaboration with Martin Küchen. Check out the results later on this year. 

More soon. 

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Unknown pisze...


I'm sorry I'm using this comment section to write to you. I'm a music student in Boston USA trying to get to know more about Cardew's The Great Learning (Paragraph 7 especially). I've read most of what's published and it seems to me that you hint at something very important in the notes of the Polish recording in Wigry. If there is any way to get to you through email, please let me know. Mine is

Thank you very much in advance.