czwartek, 30 grudnia 2010


Bôłt. Polish Radio Experimental Studio, 2010 (2xCD)

1. Six Electronic Preludes
2. Bozzetti
3. Fom a Notebook
4. Canti
5. Sinfonia Rustica
6. Ballade
7. Pennsylvania Dream

1. Children’ Dreams
2. Daisy Story
3. Reverie
4. Letter to Friends
5. Epitaph (1st version)

Distribution: online by Monotype Records (roughly since mid-January 2010), music stores all over the world by Dux (roughly since mid-February 2010)

So off we go - the subseries in
Bôłt dedicated to Polish Radio Experimental Studio. Most of the original recordings from 60. and 70. that you will find on the CDs are legally available for the first time in the history! And beautifully remastered by Ewa Guziołek-Tubelewicz and Joanna Szczepańska-Antosik. Sometimes the original recordings will be accompanied by reinterpretations of various kinds. ENJOY!

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