wtorek, 26 lutego 2013


or where did the industry go?

edited by Inke Arns & Thibaut de Ruyter

Revolver Publishing 2013, 18 x 12 cm, 260 pages, softcover

File under rock'n'roll drive turned into an intellectual detour

- careless arguments on what constitutes a proper mad dog,
- insights into the semantics of Uganda,
- investigations into Detroit State of Mind,
- criminal reports on Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher facing Solidarity Museum
and some other reflections of curatorial research of Inke Arns and Thibaut de Ruyter into industrial / postindustrial landscapes of Poland.

with contributions from Inke Arns, Thibaut de Ruyter, Daniel Muzyczuk, Jim Campbell, Joanna Erbel, Michal Libera

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